Asbestos Removal, Encapsulation and Environmental services

Upon acceptance of our quotation, notification (if required) will be made to the local enforcing authority (Health and Safety Executive or Environmental Health of the works and a full method statement and risk assessment is produced detailing how the works will be carried out.  This is a vital document for both the client and the asbestos removal operatives.

Our fully trained team of asbestos removers led by our dedicated foreman with the most up to date HSE approved equipment will carry out the removal works.   Works to the more hazardous applications (sprayed coatings, insulation, asbestos insulating boards) will nearly always require fully controlled conditions and the work area is enclosed and maintained under a negative pressure.    The asbestos materials themselves are wetted by a variety of methods to control asbestos fibre release at source.

Upon completion of the works we will arrange on your behalf for independent visual inspection and air tests (if required) from the removal area to be carried out by an independent laboratory.    Air testing is mandatory for licensable works but optional for non-licensed or locally controlled works.    Upon satisfactory results the area will be handed back to the client with a copy of any certification.

As an alternative to removal, we also offer an encapsulation service where, after assessment, asbestos surfaces are specially treated to prevent further deterioration and are labelled accordingly.   It is not a legal requirement to remove asbestos products if they can be made safe and we will you advise you of your options.

All of our asbestos workers are fully conversant with the latest Legislative Standards and are given industry approved yearly refresher courses as well as training on specific safety issues such as ladders, towers, access equipment and tool operation.